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Secret 7": Your art on our sleeve

Secret 7” is a global creative collaboration, bringing together artists, collectors, and musicians for charity.


Secret 7” is a global creative collaboration, bringing together artists, collectors, and musicians for charity.Secret 7” takes 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians around and presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl. They then openly invite any creative around the world to create artwork for the track of their choice and submit it for judging. The best are selected, published to the website, and then the physical sleeves auctioned off at a gallery event in London to raise money for the year’s selected worthy cause.Past superstar contributors include David Shrigley, Ai Weiwei, Es Devlin, Yoko Ono, as well as tracks from Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Aretha Franklin, Foo Fighters and Vampire Weekend.


5,000+ submissions handled seamlessly on the backend700 pieces of artwork displayed on the online galleryQueues forming 52 hours before the gallery openHundreds of thousands of pounds raised for charity4,900 one-of-a-kind records printed over 7 years

An art piece reading 'your art on our sleeve' repeated 4 times


To re-energise a 6 year long event to continually inspire and encourage participation.

In 2019, in its sixth year, and after a one year hiatus, we were looking to create a bold and interactive site for Secret 7” to inspire submission and re-energise the project.

We also needed to smooth out kinks from the year’s previous site which included upload restrictions and tracking issues.

The Secret 7" desktop 2019 website landing page


Solve upload and tacking issues with a headless CMS approach.

After listening to website issues from the previous year’s CMS problems we decided a headless CMS approach with a React frontend would solve upload and tracking issues. The new site features a music play bar integrated into the nav and a modular, typographical art direction.

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Secret7" 2018 desktop website, showcasing the gallery
Secret7" desktop website, showcasing several website tiles
Secret7" mobile screens, showcasing the homepage and gallery
A collection of Secret7" website screens from desktop & mobile
Secret7" desktop website gallery view, showcasing various record artworks
The Secret7" exhibition welcome banners in an outdoor area
Wall of different record sleeves, with a hand picking one up
Secret7" exhibition with couches and records on the wall, people are inspecting art and chatting
Linework art piece with squares and circles, "we're back for 2020" text in the centre

Secret 7” returned in 2020, with a lean budget but needing a site refresh.

Utilising use our existing infrastructure as a foundation for which to build the new site, we were able to achieve a gorgeous result with minimal time and development effort. We overlaid the new brand design which celebrates the brand’s record heritage, and also created a 2D engine (@ahmed what’s the tech stuff behind this?) which the user can interact with. Submissions for 2020 are currently live…stay tuned!

01 / 06
Secret7" mobile website screenshots, showing the homepage, tracks, and submit page
Secret7" website design elements, including hover states on track tiles
The Secret7" desktop website footer, with newsletter signup
Artwork of multiple black records on an orange background, with 'donate' written on each
Secret7" 2020 website mobile homepage and open menu
Secret7" 2020 desktop website submit screen
Secret7" 2020 desktop landing page design
Long vertical image showcasing the Secret7" 2020 music tracks
Three Secret7" 2020 mobile screens, showcasing the submission flow
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London street billboard featuring secret7" advertising
Secret7" billboard on a graffitied wall in london
Secret7" billboard in London showing all 699 sleeves
Very long horizontally Secret7" billboard in London
Secret7" spinning onto the streets of London

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