At its best, technology enables us to be more human. To engage. Feel. Share.

Fresh looking gentleman points to design as his fellows look in admiration

Everything we do is designed to bring people closer. And like any story, it all starts with our people.

Curious, empathetic and experts in their field, they’re just the kind of people you want by your side, as you head into the unknown. Different backgrounds mean diverse thought processes and diversity for us is a quilt of our shared experiences, culture and history. We encourage collaboration with experts from around the globe to promote divergent ways of thinking and ensure we’re always learning.

It’s a culture of shared experiences, shared jokes and shared snacks.

While we take our work seriously, we also strike the balance of focus and play. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, midweek pub lunches, cheeky Rihinna and Sean Paul dances at Rosie Campbell's, games nights with our clients, excursions to art galleries, foreign films and annual weekends away.

Our team respect one another and enjoy each other’s company. We leave the individual egos at the door and trade them in for a collective sense of pride in what we deliver.

We ride together, die together. We roll up our sleeves to get the hard stuff done, and leave no Nightjar behind.

Creativity is not a linear process. Polish takes time.

We nurture the belief that good ideas can truly come from anywhere, and it’s through the chaos, the play, the back and forth, the lack of fear of failure, that the magic really happens.

Creativity is not a linear process. Polish takes time. “You can’t put lipstick on a dead horse.” We brainstorm, backtrack, find solutions, throw them out, then find better ones. We debate, we have sleepless nights, doubt ourselves, think it’s impossible, and then we see the light.