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RipePlanet: Healthier Planet, Healthier People

RipePlanet are a vibrant new player in the fast-accelerating agri-tech space. They needed a brand and website that would tell their story to potential investors, like-minded entrepreneurs, and those who believe the time to fight for a better future is now.


With a network of partners across the supply chain, RipePlanet are fresh produce and its origin story, pursuing bolder ways to innovate, smarter ways to grow, and better ways to plan, move, store and share produce.

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New Ripe Planet brand and logo
Ripe Planet logomarks and colour palette
Ripe Planet new colour palette
Ripe Planet brand geometric patterns
Ripe Planet brand elements of different coloured shape elements
Ripe Planet new branding business cards and document marking
A brand for innovation

How do we launch a brand into the world as a serious player, worthy of investment?


RipePlanet have multiple objectives as a company, and their brand and logo needed to reflect the problems they strive to solve on land - water consumption, land degradation, waste, food quality - while still being technology focussed.

The website needed to then bring this brand to life digitally in order to launch them to the world as a serious player, worthy of investment and a place on the global stage. A cohesive and unified ecosystem would be rounded out with their social media presence as well as their eCRM.

Smiling man in a greenhouse with green produce growing

Creating a brand that will grow, on a platform ripe for innovation.


Nightjar undertook a rigorous research phase, and conducted many stakeholder workshops, defining a UX strategy centred on the company’s driving purpose of creating a new world standard of sustainable, fresh, produce systems.

An involved brand architecture of subsidiary companies needed simplification for ease of storytelling, and we needed to identify how all companies would live together comfortably in the RipePlanet ecosystem. We developed four CX Pillars to guide UX and design thinking to ensure a consistent brand experience across touchpoints.

New Ripe Planet website screens in a 9x9 grid

An easy user experience

With target audiences across agri-partners, government, communities, and investors, the site navigation was stripped right back to ensure each audience could easily find the information most relevant to them.

Mobile Ripe Planet website investment page
Ripe Planet new website mobile homepage screen
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Four different coloured screens from the new Ripe Planet website
Ripe Planet Desktop Homepage screens
Three images taken of various greenhouses and vineyards
A woman picking fresh produce in a greenhouse

All fresh produce has an origin story. RipePlanet makes sure that it’s a good one.

The visual direction of the brand identity takes inspiration from bold statements of protest, with the website continuing this theme to showcase RipePlanet's impressive initiatives and strength through their partnerships. Identifying the user desire for transparency in the often murky field of sustainability, the tone of the brand and site is open, collaborative and inclusive. The website acts as an education platform to empower through knowledge and encourages investors to take that next step to invest in our planet’s future.

Ripe Planet Homepage hero from new website
Three images showing a man in a greenhouse, a bee on a yellow flower and fresh plums

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