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Redsbaby: For your journey

Simplifying the overwhelm that comes with being a new parent, we crafted a premium eComm experience for this proudly Australian success story, with a supercharged backend to take this online-only retailer to the next phase of their growth.


Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes in people’s lives. The purchase of a pram is often the first step, and symbolic of this new journey. Redsbaby is an online-only retailer of prams, strollers, and accessories, and have been successful despite an ageing e-Comm platform.The brief was to ensure the new site would be a source of competitive advantage - in design and functionality. We needed to refresh the brand, create a design concept aligned with the modern Australian family, and build a bespoke platform that would handle complex rules and see Redsbaby into the future.


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Redsbaby pram with a hand opening the canopy
A mother holding her child while pushing a Redsbaby pram


From our early vision sessions as a team, the objective was to create a world class digital experience that represents the product quality. We wanted to fill parents with joy for the next step of their journey - and how this joy would be brought to life was dependent on the needs of our audience. The Redsbaby brand appeals to two primary personas - one who is all about the details and wants every tiny fact - from safety information to warranty fine print to awards, presented in a way she instinctively trusts. The other Redsbaby persona’s driving motivation is if the pram will fit with her sense of pre-baby style, and wanting to outwardly show her success, with the purchase of such a stylish baby accessory.

This meant we needed a UX approach that would cater to both audiences - revealing key information when it was needed, and focussing on emotive imagery and a premium lifestyle at other points in the website journey.

Redsbaby desktop homepage landing, a large image with a mother and her child in a Redsbaby carrier
Redsbaby specifications table showcasing all product specifications in a list

A stylish entrance to motherhood

To find the balance between showcasing the facts clearly and concisely, and filling new parents with joy for the next step of their journey, our prototype featured many clever ways to reveal information, such as a hero product page with multiple tabs depending on if the user wanted to explore product imagery and videos, or jump straight to specs or reviews.

As Redsbaby products are only available online, the site had a lot of work to do in showcasing the quality of the product. With premium leather and fabric finishes, we used PNG sequences to give a 3D, interactive experience, helping people down the conversion funnel - particularly when there’s a significant price tag and much emotional investment involved.

Redsbaby product comparison table showcasing all features of multiple products
Redsbaby product page image grid allowing colour pickers
Redsbaby product page hero showcasing imagery and large text

A large hero module uses a colour picker device so that people can see large images, from multiple angles, of the details that matter - the pram’s zippers, closures and handles, with close ups of the high-quality fabrics used.

Hotspots were used on product imagery to enable the user to then see the product ‘on the street’, and understand how it would complement their look. Interestingly, during research we discovered that some couples really want to see the pram in real life scenarios, so they can correlate their own heights with that of the pram!

Redsbaby product detail grid, showing closeup imagery of Jive5 pram
Redsbaby 3d product showcase with Jive 5 pram

On the backend, we augmented BigCommerce’s API to create bespoke bundles, a large part of the Redsbaby business, and crucial for increasing cart value. This feature allows shoppers to curate a bundle (which might contain a pram, a carrier, a bassinet stand and a high chair, among other things) by selecting different colours for each product - truly enabling parents to embrace their new baby style.

Our ERP sync was a complex undertaking, needing to account for back in stock notifications, pre-ordering, and multiple shipping rules. Different products have different expected shipping dates, and it’s crucially important these are as precise as possible - new parents need to know that their pram will be arriving before their bundle of joy does!

We also engineered a flexible comparison table which allows any product in the CMS to be compared, and simplifies decisions for parents.

Redsbaby 5 mobile screen designs from the new website

Testing the site features with new mothers (and fathers), it was clear we had achieved our goal of delivering to both personas, with a clear split of those who wanted to just get straight to product specs, and those who wanted to immerse themselves in the imagery and how the pram would fit into their lives.

The Redsbaby brand is truly unique in the category, with the product range crafted specifically for a discerning Australian audience. The new platform not only delivers to the brand’s stylish aspirations, but also empowers the marketing and eComm team to utilise the new site as a powerful and flexible tool which powers the online-only business.

Mobile product page design with hero carousel
Mobile product page design with feature snapshot
Redsbaby iPad product index page design
Redsbaby two desktop designs of a feature snapshow and add to cart page
Redsbaby 3d image design, allowing multiple product states to be picked

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