Queen Garnet powder sachets falling, showing both front and back views

Queen Garnet: This is no ordinary plum

Delicious tasting and bursting with health benefits, the Queen Garnet plum and her range of antioxidant health food products were well overdue for a high-impact rebrand and e-comm solution.


Lending herself to a selection of unique health products, the redesign of the site showcases her gorgeous new branding and majestic range in an easy-to-shop experience geared towards sales conversions.


128% increase in sales116% increase for ctor for upgraded edms2,462% increase in online store sessions28% increase in average order value45% increase in returning customers


Awwwards Site Of The Day - April 2020
The FWA Site Of The Day - April 2020

Good Design Awards - GOLD 2020
AGDA Awards - Distinction 2020

Tray of Queen Garnet plums sat on a wooden table

Nutrafruit challenged us to double online sales.


This would mean new customers, and hence our design challenge for Queen Garnet lay in modernising an outdated brand and site, to connect with a broader target audience. We needed to maintain our appeal with existing loyalists, while also growing the brand to a younger, ‘health explorer’ target, more familiar with beauty powders and ingestibles, and using health products to maintain a glow rather than treat a specific ailment.

As the new packaging would be unfamiliar to our loyalists, and we would have a crossover period as we ran out the old stock, we also had the challenge of how to signal to customers the packaging had been updated - with an almost unrecognisable re-brand, we didn’t want to show the ‘outdated’ packaging within the gorgeous new web designs.

Popup overlay from the website, overlaid on an image of queen garnet plums

And to top it all off, the Australian consumer watchdog is extremely stringent, and we had to overcome some large barriers with conveying our messaging and deriving compelling brand benefits to display on site. Despite being backed by several research studies, including those conducted by the CSIRO, we were unable to make any “inferred health claims” on the website.

Array of Queen Garnet plums and products, against screenshots of the new website

An ecosystem strategy which brought together specialists across disciplines to completely overhaul the brand and transform the business.


We handpicked a global collaboration of experts across design, branding, social and media to bring their specialities to the table and elevate the Queen Garnet to her place on the throne! The Queen Garnet was cultivated by scientists to be bursting with health-giving properties, so we wanted to create a brand and website which nodded to its therapeutic heritage, while still being modern. Partnering with Numbered Studio, experts in premium digital brand design, the result is a logo featuring elegant botanic illustrations and timeless typography to give a relatively new brand a sense of heritage and history. User testing along the way revealed the update was loved by loyal customers as well as those unfamiliar with the brand, and worked in conveying the sense of ‘majesty’ we desired.

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New Queen Garnet logo
Queen Garnet Plum Powder, Nectar and Chewables with new packaging
Screen showcasing the Queen Garnet Austin font family
Screen showcasing the colour pallete for the Queen Garnet brand

The royal portrait gallery

User research with our two audiences showed playing upon the royal theme appealed to both targets, so we engaged premium brand design, majestic copywriting and a photoshoot of the plum to ensure brand integrity throughout. Our social partners True Tribe continue to shoot deluxe new product and lifestyle content which is populated onto the site regularly as we grow the recipe book.

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Selection of Queen Garnet plums cut in half, showcasing their dark red interior
Freshly picked queen garnet plums, sitting in a pot
Tractor moving between Queen Garnet trees
Freshly picked Queen Garnet plums, in a wooden 'Rullo Orchards' box

From old to new through the magic of 3D

To signal the packaging change and help loyalists recognise their beloved Queen Garnet, we created a 3D render video and clever hover states, without disturbing the aesthetic of the site.

For your health.
For your majesty.

Unable to make specific health claims under the threat of having the website taken down, we used clever and creative copywriting which poked a bit of fun at the monarchy while also positioning the Queen Garnet on her rightful throne as the leader of antioxidants.

Recipe page from queengarnet.com
Product list showing Queen Garnet probiotic powder on mobile

A basket full of plums

Our core priority for the site was to convert sales. In our ‘Empathise’ phase, we pared back the wireframes to the simplest variation of the site we could, to ensure a focus on products, front and centre, and that users could easily transact. Through ongoing UX optimisation once the site had soft-launched, we updated elements on the checkout to make sure the user experience was as smooth as we had originally intended.

Desktop and mobile screen of the Queen Garnet website checkout

Off with the Queen’s head!

With consumers varying across age brackets and preferred ways to shop, we chose Sanity as our CMS to leverage headless commerce and maximise conversions across devices. Sanity would also help us with Queen Garnet’s global ambitions, allowing us to manage multiple local websites with varying data and content needs. The Shopify API brought it all together in an elegant ecommerce experience.

Screenshot of Queen Garnet website homepage, showing all four products

Content is Queen

Product pages clearly state benefits and how to enjoy gorgeous recipes. Enhancing the end-to-end experience, we created a suite of collateral and on-boarded specialist partners for SEM and social content to drive site traffic and deliver warm leads.

Queen Garnet powder shop page from the Queen Garnet website

Simple yet delicious recipes to guide and inspire shoppers who sometimes struggled knowing how to add the various products to their repertoire.

Long vertical image showcasing a Queen Garnet recipe page

Majestic at every touchpoint

The @queengarnetofficial Instagram, with premium photography commissioned specifically for the site - all shots feature the Queen herself. Even price promotion and free shipping specials were tastefully art-directed - the Queen must never look cheap!

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Queen Garnet Plum + White Chocolate Cheesecake
Queen Garnet bliss balls covered in probiotic powder
Queen Garnet Raw Red Velvet Plum Slice
Queen Garnet plum tarte tatin ready to be served
Plum powder being sprinkled over Plum Collagen Mylk
Dumplings being held by chopsticks, about to be dipped into plum sauce
Plum + Berry 0% Sangria in a glass surrounded by fresh fruit
Plum + White Chocolate Cheesecake
Three Queen Garnet instagram posts

Full of antioxidants, the Queen Garnet pure plum nectar goes a long way in boosting one’s defences. To highlight this immunity message, we created a 3D fortress which lives on the site as well as in social.

Weekly eDMs push users back into the purchase funnel

Queen Garnet email first paragraph
Queen Garnet email showcasing a nectar bottle

For our loyal (and frequent) shoppers...

After launching the site, we continued to optimise based on user behaviour. From the data, a large number of our loyalists are making frequent repeat purchases of their favourite Queen Garnet product, as part of their everyday regime. We introduced monthly subscriptions, an easy way for fans to get their fix without running out - all set up via integrations between Shopify, Stripe, and Nutrafruit’s CRM.

Two mobile screens showing subscription screens from the Queen Garnet website

Promoting the portfolio while boosting sales

To increase basket size, we introduced bundles. These assortments of pure plum products mixed with our probiotic and prebiotic powders and chewables encourage cross-shopping across the range.

Desktop screenshot of the Queen Garnet website, showcasing the bundles available

Powering partnerships with health care professionals

A strategic target for driving acceptance and uptake of the Queen Garnet range is health care practitioners such as nutritionists and naturopaths. Scientifically backed by research from the CSIRO and many leading Australian universities, the Queen Garnet is a true superfruit and we wanted to encourage HCPs to find out more, so we created a partnerships sign up on the website. This enables HCPs (and potential retailers and stockists) to express their interest and then enter the CRM funnel to be contacted by the appropriate member of the Nutrafruit team, ensuring no leads are lost.

Desktop screens showing the Queen Garnet partnerships sign up

For your health.
For your majesty.
Queen Garnet.

Multiple screens in a grid showcasing Queen Garnet new design elements
Three mobile screens showing various pages across the Queen Garnet website
Desktop and mobile screen of the Queen Garnet website recipe page
Queen Garnet logo overlaid over an image of Queen Garnet plums

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