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ilume: This is not dog food

ilume is a total pet health ecosystem to help carers get closer to their pets than ever before.


Whatever you do, don’t call this dog food. Setting a new benchmark for high-calibre pet meals, ilume is the first company to take into account multiple data points such as age, breed, exercise and sleep, in order to recommend and deliver the most optimum nutrition. We worked with ilume to deliver UX, design and content for their subscription-based platform - to help carers see their dogs in a whole new light.


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ilume were launching imminently to market but having difficulty articulating their unique brand proposition on their new website - a vital need given they were an unknown product with a premium price point.

The challenge was to clearly show the benefits of the whole system working together, beyond just the chef-prepared meals.

The ilume ecosystem consists of personalised meals, an activity tracker (think a FitBit for your dog), as well as a smart bowl which measures out just the right amount of food based on their daily level of exercise - which is all delivered to you via the ilume app.

With expenditure on pets one of the fastest growing categories in Australia, ilume were well positioned to deliver a strong benefit to their target market of Enlightened Carers. ilume’s system will help them bridge the communication gap, allowing them to be their happiest and healthiest, and enjoy their closest relationship yet. To deliver this message, we needed a way to bring to life the emotional connection humans and dogs share.


ilume needed an immersive subscription eComm experience that would captivate but also educate dog carers. The technology which works in tandem with the chef prepared meals needed to be explained in a way that would compel them to trial this premium pet program, without losing the emotional connection.

An illuminating journey

We decided the best way to bring to life the intelligent system that is constantly learning about the pet was to visually represent the ilume AI as an ever-present companion on the site, which morphs and changes as more data is collected. As the user scrolls down the homepage, the AI element glows and the user can see examples of key data that they can expect once they start using the ilume system.

The ilume AI is integrated with video and imagery content of our various dogs and their humans, to show how the intelligent technology aids connection.

Our design approach visually highlights the ilume intelligent ecosystem by using undertones of app design languages mixed with the ilume brand system. This approach gives the site a connected, social and premium feel, that showcases the technology that underpins ilume - which is so much more than just dog food.

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Every dog is different

ilume is the first brand to see dogs as individuals, with their own lives, and their own agency. Understanding that ‘every dog is different, every day is different’, ilume gives dogs the chance to explore each day and enjoy any activity they please. The ilume ecosystem will be there to monitor, learn and recommend - whatever your canine friend is into (or up to!)

To highlight the importance of individuality, the homepage shows ‘a day in the life’ of various dogs, which enabled us to illustrate the different data points ilume tracks in a tangible way - age, weight, breed, and level of activity.

The onboarding quiz then helps Carers identify all their dog’s unique characteristics, including specific health needs, which are all taken into consideration when personalising the ilume system.

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Curated content

To ensure the benefit of human and animal connection was paramount to the experience, we organised a content shoot which captured the special moments we cherish with our pets.

The ilume meals are the consumer entry point to the brand, and so were a key focus of the content - showing the human-quality, chef-prepared meals being plated up at home and the dogs eagerly anticipating their delivery. And wouldn’t you, if you had poached turkey medallions with spinach mousse, slaw & bone broth to look forward to?!

Full-width video displayed on the site captures the connection with your dog that can be achieved with ilume. Video and image content is housed in tiles which mirror social platform stories, giving users an easy way to scroll through to see all elements of the ilume experience.

Orchestrated remotely from Sydney during peak Melbourne lockdown, we were thrilled with the results which bring warmth and emotion to a tech brand - vital in showing the moments of connection that ilume can create.

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