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Henry & Paul: Creators of Conviviality

Henry & Paul is Pernod Ricard’s family and friends website, a members-only alcohol retail site that offers discounts on Pernod Ricard brands.


The ecosystem was disparate, with many touchpoints feeling fragmented in style and there was lost opportunity for data capture and personalisation. The branding and design was also dated and didn’t reflect the premium product range in a favourable light - particularly with the growth of online wine clubs aimed at those with an eye for design.Our vision for the site was to provide a seamless, efficient and reliable solution to corporate businesses; as well as a special, private offering for our family and friends that the staff of Pernod Ricard are proud to promote.


7.59% increase in conversion rate54% increase in customer logins35% increase in returning customersNew record for monthly revenueIncreased time on site

A cocktail on a table alongside a platter of foods

Design a simple, engaging and exclusive experience, where members can always confidently buy, gift and enjoy special rates, products and events.


We needed to elevate the Henry & Paul website, beyond a purely discount alcohol portal, to become a place members wanted to visit and feel as though they were treated to an experience as premium as the brands on offer.

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New Henry & Paul logo
Henry & Paul colour palette
Multiple screens showcasing new Henry & Paul branding
Henry & Paul new packaging
Two cocktails on a wooden platter
Henry & Paul logomark


Our UX strategy uncovered the trend of shrinking friendship groups and the desire to spend quality time in with those who are important, which influenced our idea of the ‘Inner Circle’.

Based on friends, family, connectivity and the fact things are better together, our design exploration played on the ‘&’ within the logo. Representing the way wine pairs with food, friends, work, play, (and almost everything in between!), we refined the logo and brought some of this duality into the design. Clean, premium and modern, the new Henry & Paul site also answered key UX issues such as simplification of wine varietals, a streamlined cart & checkout process, and introduced a quick reorder function.

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Two screenshots of the Henry & Paul website, showcasing different cocktails
Henry & Paul website screenshot, showing the desktop product page
Two mobile screenshots showing the cart on the Henry & Paul website
Henry & Paul website screenshot, showing a 'matched to taste' slider
Henry & Paul website screenshot showing various wine product cards
Henry & Paul website desktop screenshot, showing the updated search

Shopping cart functionality on mobile, allowing for quick and easy checkouts of your orders.

Mobile cart experience on Henry & Paul website
Mobile checkout experience on the Henry & Paul website
Henry & Paul website screen showing two different cocktails

Elevating a discount alcohol portal to a premium brand experience.

Henry & Paul website mobile screenshots, showcasing the homepage and product cards
Henry & Paul desktop website, showcasing the drop down menu of all products
Henry & Paul desktop website screenshots, showcasing various imagery modules
Henry & Paul mobile website screenshots, showing imagery and discover & explore modules

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