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Flip: Move. Chill. Refuel.

Flip is the wellness app for those who would never download a wellness app. But by making a few small changes, it’s easy to turn your day around.


With our friends at Love + Money, we helped bring the Flip app to life, on iOS and Android. Flip recognises that feeling good takes work, but that work doesn't need to be hard. The app rewards users for doing simple activities which are designed to give them energy. By understanding what activities, healthy treats and chill out activities a person needs to find their own personal optimum balance, Flip can help people feel noticeably better - straight away.


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Flip app coloured activity coins


There are so many apps, programs, sites, channels out there telling you to do more, be more, try harder. Flip is the wellness app that turns that all on its head, and rewards you for the small things. In a time when self-care has never been more important, Flip helps users celebrate the little wins, and feel better for it. Our challenge was to stand out in this overcrowded market, and ensure the app was simple to use, and sticky enough to keep users coming back.

Flip app onboarding screen, reading 'move, chill, refuel'


With a fun, confident and friendly tone, the design took its cues from a simple but impactful animation style.

We implemented social sign on to reduce friction as much as possible. A fun onboarding highlights the product benefits, and reminds users that the choices they make each day can have a big impact on how they feel.

Flip app login screens, showing single sign on and preferences screen
Flip app illustration of french fries in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of a walking pair of legs in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of an easel in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of a mouth eating a green vegetable in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of a pair of sneakers in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of a smiling dog in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of a banana in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app illustration of a walking smiling heart in a colourful cartoon style
Flip app showcasing many activity coins with coloured illustrations

The app is already populated with suggested activities in the ‘Move’, ‘Chill’ and ‘Refuel’ categories, but to increase engagement and make Flip feel truly relevant to the user, they are able to add their own activities which suit their wellbeing style.

Flip app activity creation screens

The app introduced daily notifications to keep you on track, which can also be managed in your preference settings. The profile section also shows your history and how many coins you’ve earned to date.

Flip app settings screen
Flip app notification on a mobile homepage
Flip app balance screen, showing the users weekly activity total

Currently in market with a beta test group, Flip will soon launch Phase 2 of the roadmap, which incorporates the ability to cash in your coins for products and services that Flippers feel passionate about. The focus is on supporting local businesses and of course, activities that give Flippers maximum impact on turning their day around.

Flip app rewards screens, for a yoga studio, sports wear or studio hire

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