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Decor Systems: Architectural Acoustic Solutions

Decor Systems is a premium acoustic panelling company whose brand and website belied their excellent product and category knowledge. A new brand and online experience, worlds away from their previous iteration, helped cement them as a top-tier player.


For 40 years, Decor Systems’ inspired solutions have shaped modern acoustic design for architects and subcontractors. A family-run business, their own brand had been low on the priority list, but in 2021 they realised they needed to step away from their dated brand shackles in order to connect with the gatekeepers who held the keys to realising their growth targets of bigger, more prestigious projects - architects at top-tier firms.


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12x increase in leads through website165% increase in average order value122% increase in revenue11.4x increase in samples requested through website$105k annual saving in recruitment fees

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Decor Systems' brand did not speak to the premium nature of their precision acoustic solutions, which made it difficult to acquire new customers, instead relying on strong relationships with existing clients.

There was also a knowledge gap which needed to be addressed on the website. Architects will have a general understanding of noise requirements they need to meet for a certain project, but the details can get confusing. The current site was content heavy, and did not guide the user or help them make the right choice of product to suit their space. There was a job to be done in terms of building a clear IA, based on needs we discovered through user research.

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To uncover how Decor Systems could improve their chances of making it onto the specification, we ran dozens of interviews with architects, subcontractors, and acoustic engineers. The findings would be our source of inspiration for the new brand design and the website. We heard all about their favourite aspects of their job, biggest sources of irritation, and the importance of brand when considering a new supplier. We also heard that when it comes to the technical side of acoustics, such as NRC (noise reduction coefficient) they need some guidance.

The insight that an architect’s biggest fear was not having their vision for a space fully realised, the Decor System brand design, language and aesthetics had to hit a very high standard.

The brand lives in the physical world, as well as having a crucial digital presence - the website being an architect’s first stop. It needed to work seamlessly across all applications - from digital to the factory floor.

“We were impressed with their attention to detail in every facet, from their customer research to design, to copywriting and the final outcome – a website that is cutting edge, intuitive and really sets us apart.”
David Faulkes, CEO
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Mock up of Decor systems Maison
Decor Systems Maison Mockup
Decor Systems new branding printed on the side of a truck

Taking inspiration from sound principles such as NRC, reflection, absorption and diffusion — the concept, ‘Modulations’, delves into the way sound changes and modulates its form depending on the environment. It positions Decor Systems as masters of environmental and spatial design. As architects appreciate - it’s all in the details.

The visual language is influenced by a clean and minimal architectural aesthetic. Featuring a gridded and modular design system that speaks to the idea of spaces and a constantly shifting environment — in which sound reflects and refracts.

The premium nature of the evolved brand was realised through a warm, muted colour palette - a world away from the current harsh black, white and red.

The logomark was designed to reflect the idea of sound and architecture becoming one. The logo and typography are timeless and uncluttered - a minimal approach, allowing Decor Systems not to overshadow the architect’s dreams.

UX Design

Our UX focus of the website was to ensure any resource an architect or subcontractor may need was only a few taps away. Sampling of the product represents a huge opportunity to convert a project, and so we created a familiar, cart-style checkout for users to order free samples.

Decor systems phone UX design 1
Decor Systems phone UX design 2
Decor Systems new mobile home page
Decor systems UI for a tablet
Decor systems new home page design
Decor Systems new cascading website menu showcasing a 3d model

The design adhered to Swiss principles, with a gridded, aesthetically pleasing structure. Innovative side navigation reveals all the product types to the user as they step through the journey, rather than overwhelming with a wall of SKUs. Product pages have been refined to contain only the most crucial information that an architect needs at the tips of their fingers. 3D models of the different panels helped architects visualise the product and how it would come to life in their space - they think in pictures, so we needed to make sure they had the right tools to confirm their choice.

Decor Systems 3d frame model
Decor Systems 3d frame model 2
Decor Systems 3d frame model 3
Decor Systems 3d frame model 4
Decor Systems 3d frame model 5
Decor Systems 3d frame model 6
Decor Systems 3d frame model 7
Decor Systems 3d frame model 8
Decor Systems 3d frame model 9
Decor Systems 3d frame model 10
Decor Systems 3d frame model 11
Decor Systems 3d frame model 12
Decor Systems new desktop product page

As one acoustic engineer remarked during research, “Acoustics don’t need to be expensive, just clever.” What we’ve created for Decor Systems is just that - an intelligent solution which elevates the brand to that of a true partner who understands, and can bring to life, an architect’s vision.

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