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Mobile screenshot of The Iconic website
Mobile screenshot of The Iconic website

Defining the future of Australia's fashion ecommerce giant


  • Date
  • 2018
  • Scope
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX / UI Design
  • Digital Design System
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Front-End Development
  • Platform Integration
  • URL

13 million hits per month

Positioned as a technology, rather than fashion company, since launching in 2011, THE ICONIC has focussed on channelling the latest tech to provide unrivalled access to more than 1,000 local and international brands and a huge 60,000 products.

As online retail has accelerated and user demands increased, THE ICONIC needed a partner who were agile, forward-thinking and up for the challenge to continue their evolution.

With such a mammoth product catalogue, and users appetite for content more voracious than ever before, the challenge was streamlining internal processes to produce more, better, and integrated content. We helped create a system to empower the internal content teams and relieve the pressure on the internal engineers, that will see THE ICONIC well into the future.

Iconic website hero carousel for spring 2018

Design System

We collaborated with THE ICONIC team to first set up a unified and scalable design system that would set the foundation for a consistent brand experience, from content, category, catalogue and product.


Decoupled Architecture

Plugging into THE ICONIC’s tech team, we moved from Angular to React and bypassed much of THE ICONIC’s aging CMS with a headless solution, utilising Prismic. Now being API-led, we were able to incorporate new endpoints into THE ICONIC’s existing Kubernetes ecosystem.

Increase in CTR
(on women’s destination page)
Decrease in time taken to update destination pages
Screenshot of the Iconic desktop website

Lego Blocks

We created a component based system which could bolt together and feel harmonious across the whole site. 35 modules have been designed and built, and are being used to create anything from campaign pages, to new landing pages, to countdown timers for coveted releases and carousels pulling in live product data and even THE ICONIC’s brand Playbook.

Product x Content

Answering THE ICONIC’s desire to engage users outside of the transaction period, our components are able to pull in live data from the catalogue API and encourage users to ‘shop the look’ they’re seeing right now on Edition, THE ICONIC’s content blog.

Screenshot of the Iconic desktop website


To increase efficiency, we capitalised on Prismic’s capabilities to schedule releases of campaigns, to automate content drops release cycles, and AB test content headlines and imagery, which are automatically deployed.

Hits per month
New marketing pages created since inception

100% code coverage

Our cross-company teams worked together on extensive code reviews and unit testing to make sure that all development met THE ICONIC’s stringent code standards, performance metrics and tracking protocols.

Screenshot of the Iconic desktop website

Brand partnerships

Creating brand pages used to be time consuming and drain internal development resources. Content teams are now able to spin up campaign pages in one day, rather than several weeks, and the components have been used to set up brand pages with adidas, as well as a partnership with sneaker bible Sneaker Freaker.

Screenshot of the Iconic desktop website

“We set up the campaign page in a day, and the adidas marketing team absolutely loved it”



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